How to Enjoy Intimacy After Illness

Intimacy After Illness

How to Enjoy Intimacy After Illness “The Universe contains three things that cannot be destroyed; Being, Awareness and LOVE”– Dr. Deepak Chopra One situation that makes it difficult to find a silver lining is facing illness. Just consider the top five medical threats: heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease. Not exactly

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the new escort radar findr

Findr – The New “Radar” on Sexy Texte

Welcome to Findr – Your Ultimate Destination for Exciting Encounters Findr – The Future of Intimate Encounters In the ever-evolving world of intimate connections, a new era has dawned with the Findr app, the “radar” for gfe escorts service or erotic massage parlour. It’s a revolution in the realm of personal sex exchange services. In

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top 5 sexy Halloween costumes

Sexy Halloween and massage parlour party

Fall is upon us, and that means Halloween is just around the corner. For many of us, it’s a time to dress up and celebrate with style. If you’re looking to impress your lover this year, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve scoured the world of sexy Halloween costumes to bring you the top

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Revealing Sexual Fetishes: Exploring the World of Sensual Desires

Revealing Sexual Fetishes

Revealing Sexual Fetishes: Exploring the World of Sensual Desires Welcome to SexyTexte, the place where we fearlessly delve into the most secretive corners of sexuality. Today, we’re diving headfirst into the fascinating world of sexual fetishes. You guessed it, dear readers, this is a sensual exploration you won’t soon forget. Among the most popular ones,

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Five Benefits of Having a Daily Orgasm

Five Benefits of Having a Daily Orgasm You don’t need to be a scientist to notice the benefits of having an orgasm. Whether you cum with a partner or solo, there’s a unanimous consensus that the post-orgasm feeling is extremely relaxing… and DEFINITELY satisfying. That goes without saying that during intercourse and/or masturbation, there’s that

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My First Experience in the Vancouver BDSM Scene

  My First Experience in the Vancouver BDSM   ‘BDSM is a variety of often erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics.’ Source I’ve always been curious about the BDSM community. I wouldn’t necessarily invest in dungeons but I would definitely be willing to sport a ball gag,

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Sex and Aging

Photo by Chino Rocha on Unsplash Menopause and Andropause Another hand we’re dealt as human beings is getting older, and that comes with physical changes like hormonal shifts. You’re probably all thinking about menopause, but changes in hormones are not exclusively a female issue. It’s a natural part of aging that affects both sexes, though

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Erotic Montreal massage parlour


10 BEST EROTIC massage PARLORS IN MONTREAL.    SPA JZ  The spa is conveniently located on 1642 Henri Bourassa Est 400 meters of Highway Papineau Autoroute (A-19) – Montreal and is open 7 days a week from 8AM to 3AM. The girls are always welcoming and offer a variety of services that really focus on

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7 things sex workers in area of toronto wish you knew

7 things sex workers in area of Toronto wish you knew Toronto still has plenty of outdated views – especially when it comes to sex work. Toronto’s sex work industry is not only large, it’s also important. Providing a shame-free space for people to explore their gender identity, sexual orientation, or power dynamics can help

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BDSM sex toys for domination and submission. Whip with handcuffs and bandage for on red silk background You may have asked yourself this a time or two. What is the difference between a Kink and a Fetish? At its face a fetish is defined as a form of sexual desire of which an item, part

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12 Steps to Recovering After a Break Up

Photo by Fernando Cabral from Pexels What Is Love Economics? Love Economics is a new terminology for analyzing the benefits of love and relationships. For example, the benefits of a relationship include emotional, physical, social, and materialistic needs. Using the theory of Love Economics, dating and relationship problems can be analyzed and solved by using

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