• October 17, 2022 11:40 pm
  • Montreal, Quebec


  • Category : Independent Escorts With The Best Service
★ Trans Girl            ★ 438-793-6581 / by TEXT MSG
★ Incalls & Outcalls    ★ 100% BOTTOM
★ Sensual               ★ Welcoming
★ Authentic             ★ Affective
★ French Kiss           ★ Cozy bum bum
★ Safe penetration      ★ Expert blowjobs
★ BBBJ allowed          ★ Discreet location
★ Vaxxed 4x COVID       ★ Vaxxed monkeypox

  • Available 24/7 unless sleeping or with someone
  • Ideal for first experience with trans
  • Attuned to your needs
  • Devoted to your comfort and satisfaction
4 3 8 – 7 9 3 – 6 5 8 1

My service is based on the desire to create a real connection with you and to share affection, pleasure and care.

If this is your first time with a trans person and you are nervous, rest assured that with my authenticity and my welcoming and bubbly personality, I should quickly set you at ease.

I love my job. I don’t believe that meeting a girl like me should feel fake. I also want to have a memorable time with you. I have real affection to share and a gratitude for you seeing me.

30m 90$ | 45m 125$ | 1h 140$ | 2h 240$

1h 170$ | 2h 270$

*Add travel expenses by Uber

Daytime in MTL: One-way fee only
Nightime in MTL (12am – 6am): Round trip
Outside MTL: Round trip

I enjoy dolling up in a sexy outfit that will undoubtedly give my man a hard-on. His gaze never fails to land on my long legs which form a path leading straight to my round little buttcheeks. This is how I warmly welcome you and how I’ll be wiggling for you as we make ourselves comfortable.

My blowjobs have recently been described as a “Guided Tour of Heaven”. My lips, tongue, and throat work together with no less than 7 different techniques to lead you to satisfaction. Attuned to your reactions, I adapt my approach to not only maximize your pleasure but also to make it last. It is never my intention to rush a session. You are always welcome to guide me if I am not at the same pace as you. I will also be with you for the entire booked time period unless you decide otherwise.

I am 100% BOTTOM. This means, amongst other things, that I do not use my penis for sex. I will not accept stimulation there. However, I have so much more to offer, such as my authenticity, my sparkling personality, and my investment in a precious moment with you. My empathy, my kindness, and the result of my multiple experiences. Or my slim, soft, and delicate body. My expert mouth. My adorable little forming breasts. My long legs perched on pretty high heels. My cute little bum-bum and its cozy lobby.

I only play in complicity. We are teammates, not opponents. I am sweet and affectionate. At the right moments, a passionate intensity is most welcome. If you care to please me too, aim for my tits and my butt. Being touched there makes me so happy!

M Y   C O M M I T M E N T S

  • No rush, you are welcome for the whole period booked. Multiple satisfactions are allowed.
  • In my presence, you will be my only priority and you will find me 100% invested in this beautiful experience together.
  • You will feel real affection and gratitude from me so long as you can make yourself loveable.
  • I will never try to take advantage of you.
  • I will always respect my own boundaries and I will respect yours. The same commitment is required of you.


I am a transgender girl. Yes, I have tits. I also have a penis. I don’t use it for sexual purposes. Yes. You read that right. We won’t play with it. I do not produce semen, so I don’t ejaculate. I don’t get hard when we have sex. That doesn’t mean I’m not turned on. It’s simply the effects of the testosterone blockers and my personal desire not to use it (trust me, you won’t miss that I am turned on). I can achieve surprisingly powerful non-ejaculatory orgasms when receiving anal penetration.