1.  SPA JZ 

The spa is conveniently located on 1642 Henri Bourassa Est 400 meters of Highway Papineau Autoroute (A-19) – Montreal and is open 7 days a week from 8AM to 3AM. The girls are always welcoming and offer a variety of services that really focus on blood circulation such as Tantric Massage, Swedish massage, Deep massage, Nuru Massage, Chinese massage… all which lead to accumulated blood flow where it counts. The women are gorgeous and have a loyal clientele due their hand pressure skills. Rates


  1. Spa EXTREME Massage

Having personally been, it’s quite trippy – in a good way! Dark, extremely clean, modern (seems newly renovated actually) and the purple and blue lighting is what you notice when you walk in. A receptionist then greets you and guides you to a room. A hot tub is ready for you to indulge and relax in for about 5-10 minutes before your masseuse meets you and brings you to cloud 9. You never know which hot woman will be available but they are all delicious. Rates


8.Girls du loft

These benefits of feeling a wavy naked body on your body, are making more and more followers of erotic massage. Stimulating the libido thus favoring the reaction of the massaged to the sensory stimulus, it increases the sensitivity. Let yourself be overwhelmed by a plethora of sensations with a succession of thrilling, glamorous, erotic and relaxing massages. The masseuses are trained and offer the possibility of having two angels pleasuring you at once. Appointment only. They ask you questions to cater to your needs and desires before booking. Rates


7.Massage Alteza

They have been a reputable massage parlor for 10 years now. They also offer ½ price on Wednesdays – perfect for couples! The rooms are super clean and the girls are really into what they do. You are likely to fall in love with one of them. Lucky for you, they have a VIP program! The loyalty card, which is valid for one year, offers you the 7th massage without the room fees. You still have to pay your hostess. You have 12 months to complete 6 visits in order to enjoy the 7th free entry. The VIP card is available to all and free of charge. Rates

  1. Erotic Massage La Montréalaise

This is a wild one. Every 3rd visit is free! There is usually a wider selection of masseuses past 9PM. I’d say that this massage parlor is the equivalent of amateur porn. Raunchy, real, fun and enthusiastic. Once again, girls make their own schedules and love what they do. The salon is very vintage in a cool way – Stanley Kubrick style. Red, black and white are the dominating colors. The decor is truly freemason like – which is quite kinky. Rates


  1. Le Penthouse

“Choose your hostess & desired treatment – Le penthouse features the most attractive and stunning of all hostesses, offering the best erotic massage to be found in Montreal. Their hostesses come from all ethnical backgrounds and feature salacious looks and an affluent attitude – focused solely on you and your needs while you are visiting.” Their eclectic and funky rooms really add a spice that no other salon has. The salon is industrial and artsy and the women are pieces of art. Rates


  1. Montreal Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage definitely has an Eyes Wide Shut vibe. For those who enjoy titillation, darkness and masks, this place is for you. Some girls dabble in fetish and bdsm as well. They have a wide selection of women ready to meet you and the salon is conveniently situated downtown which is perfect for a bachelor party! You can see who is available and book in advance. They also have promotions on Tuesdays and from 10AM to 11AM from Monday to Friday! Rates


  1. Rouge Massage

BDSM is on the table, as well as your kinky ass. Like any dungeon, there are rules. Are you ready? Five queens offer the service, so you better book quickly, daddy! BDSM Rates The rooms are beautifully lit and are garnished with mirrors so you can see your goddess massage you. Is it your birthday week? If so, you get 50% off! You also have the opportunity to have the fourth visit free! The girls there will definitely get you hooked and want more. Rates


  1. Jasmine

Open 24/7, this spa is one of a kind. They have over 50 girls working at the parlor because the women make their own schedule. There is a girl for every taste, whether she’s blond, Asian, black, tall, short, there is a girl to suit your fancy or fantasy. This just means more planning on your end. Photos of each masseuse are available on the website which allows you to choose who your princess can be and book her in advance. They work when they want to work, which means they work with enthusiasm and passion for giving you pleasure and having a good time. Rates


1.Massage Adagio

AMAZING! The ladies are great, enthusiastic, talented and don’t treat you like a simple client. They perfected their massaging skills and always wear something that will make you hard. A rustic and romantic setting allows you to have the girlfriend experience you might be searching for. Modern, gothic and baroque, your masseuse will immerse you in another moment in time all while helping you destress and climax. Rates




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