Demystifying the sex worker We’ve come a long way from the preconceived notions of who sex workers are and why they chose this line of work. Sexytexte shows the diversity of it all. Every woman has their reasons. It’s easy to assume the classic crack whore and daddy issue’ cliché. Hey, don’t get me wrong, some do do this for drug money and honestly, who doesn’t have daddy issues? All of your exes do, I’m sure. At the end of the day, it’s our body and our choice. Right? 


Sexytexte is an advocate for empowering women. Some women choose to do this full-time because the pay is quite good but don’t forget that the work is demanding. If we choose the right agency in the Toronto area and create a nice relationship with a john, it doesn’t feel like work anymore – and isn’t that what everybody wants? Work and play intertwined? The dream! Some women choose to do this part-time, to round-up their end of month. You never know the financial situation of the sex worker. She might have school debts to pay off, children or has fallen into some hard times and needs quick cash. Important note : women are horny too. Sometimes, we just want to have a good time and get paid for it. It’s a partnership! Both parties get what they want. This is where my tips and tricks for you johns come into play. 

Tips & tricks for johns in the Toronto area

Be a good host

You’re welcoming a lady to your abode. Wherever that may be, she is a guest. Which means you treat her like any other guest. Show her around and have an icebreaker on hand : alcohol. At least offer it. If you don’t drink, this doesn’t apply to you. 

Be clear with your requests

When you contact an agency, be clear with what you have in mind in order to get the best escort to suit your needs. You can’t just kiss the woman without asking for GFE beforehand. Same goes for anal.

Be transparent

If the escort that shows up at your place isn’t what you asked for, you are allowed to cancel. Note that fees may apply depending on the situation. That just goes with choosing the right agency ;).

Clean your apartment / house / hotel room

We’re not animals!

At the end of the day, we are all looking for the same thing : pleasure. So do your research when you’re looking to have a good time in the Toronto area and don’t be shy to ask questions before deciding on an escort. As I said, this is a mutually beneficial interaction and partnership. Treat us like a lady until we ask you to treat us like a slut ;). And in return, you’ll be our big man.





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