7 things sex workers in area of toronto wish you knew

Toronto still has plenty of outdated views – especially when it comes to sex work. Toronto’s sex work industry is not only large, it’s also important.

Providing a shame-free space for people to explore their gender identity, sexual orientation, or power dynamics can help clients become comfortable and confident with who they are.

And if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of physical touch. 


1. It’s really just like any other job in Toronto

At its core, sex work is a customer-service job that requires many different skills. Sex workers work with their clients in an intimate, hands-on way much like a masseuse, personal trainer, or therapist.

Many people may not even realise just how much administrative work goes into sex work. Everything from promotion on social media, to shooting and editing online content, to screening clients and sanitizing work spaces are all part of the job.

2. Following screening instructions is the least you can do

It’s what we do to feel safe, the screening process is something many sex workers receive blowback about from customers who are uncomfortable with conducting themselves on someone else’s terms. Our physical safety is very important.

3. Sex-worker representation in media is largely inaccurate

Just because you’ve seen a few movies about sex workers doesn’t mean you know what the sex-worker lifestyle is like.

Unfortunately, sex workers are rarely consulted as writers or producers so their life experiences often go untold. 

With so many sex workers also being people who create their own content, more productions should consider giving a platform to those voices.

4. You probably already know a sex worker

Most people have an extremely limited view of what a sex worker is. In reality, sex work comes in many different forms, from stripping and adult content creation to escort services and kink work.


5. They’re not doing it as a last resort

On the subject of misguided views, sex work is not something people resort to when they desperately need money.

Plenty of sex workers enjoy their job and develop genuine working relationships with their clientele. There are plenty of other jobs that people don’t enjoy and put up with so they can receive a paycheque, yet sex work is still the one most stigmatized.

6. Hiring a sex worker doesn’t make you a loser

There are plenty of reasons people visit sex workers. From fulfilling a fantasy they aren’t comfortable sharing with anyone else, to not having the time, energy, or opportunity to have a more personal relationship.

Sex workers can also help both individuals and couples learn new techniques or kinks, and explore specific needs and desires they’ve been curious about. Much like how there’s no shame in going to therapy or hiring personal trainer, there should be no shame involved in seeking out help to have these particular needs met.

7. Sex work is important

Sex work exists because it’s something people need. There’s a reason it’s considered the world’s oldest profession.




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